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Thing 6 – Accessibility

Years ago my husband and I started a little import business and built our website from scratch. We spent hours planning the content and working on our site. 

The topic of accessibility was an eye opener for me.  I learned many things but mainly I learned how uninformed and ignorant I was about the range of disabilities people can live with and the technology available to assist people with disability.

I viewed a few websites using Website Accessibility eValuation Tool (WAVE) and they all listed similar errors.  The website chose to report on showed the following errors:

  • Document language missing
  • 178 x Very low contrast items
  • 30 x Missing alternative text
  • 18 x Linked images missing alternative text
  • 36 x Missing form label
  • 4 x Empty form label
  • 60 x Empty links
  • 4 x Broken same page links
  • 130 x Redundant links

From this review it’s evident that vision impaired people will find it difficult to see this website properly.  I decided to email this organisation to share the findings with them as I think it would be fairly easy to fix at least the contrast issue as a start.

I also found the article on gender thought-provoking.  I’m motivated to share the article provided to spread awareness.


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