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Thing 5 – Diversity

I have enjoyed using emoji’s since they were introduced and had no idea of the hidden meaning behind some of them.  To me a peach is a peach!

The use of emoji’s make messages more personal and I think everyone should be able to choose emoji’s which are representative of their person, culture and beliefs. 

I remember clearly thinking “it’s about time” when the skin tones were first made available and it didn’t even cross my mind that some people may want to use the function to cause hurt to others.  It’s a relief to see through the University of Edinburgh’s study that people are in fact using the function to self-identify, which is the purpose of creating skin tone in the first place.

Bitmoji was a new concept to me, so I embraced it and created my own.  It was a fun process.  I will use my avatar in messages to my family only, but am happy to share it here.


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